About Us

Sarah’s Cake Shop started in 2004 and is a locally owned business offering custom cakes, cupcakes and wedding cakes to the greater St. Louis, Missouri area. The success has made it one of the top places to purchase your specialty cakes.

In July 2010,  St Louis’ Original Cupcake on Wheels was launched, as Sarah’s Cake Stop.  A strong fan base from Sarah’s Cake Shop spawned the idea to emulate other cities and create a new food scene. When we hit the road it took a little patience, but we quickly found our niche. Most importantly, we found our fans and lots of them! A slightly different take on the “if you build it, they will come”, we found “if you bake it (and bring it), they will come.”

We like to make life just a little sweeter, and we do that the only way we know how: by bringing fresh baked cupcakes and specialty desserts to our customers! Working our way through the greater St Louis area, we guarantee that we can brighten a once dull work day! As word spread that you could find a sweet break from the office, our one lonely truck couldn’t keep up with the demand. In 2014 we launched our second truck and now we are able to serve the St. Louis area even better.

If you are looking for something unique for your event, party or corporate function you have come to the perfect place. Use BOOK TRUCK button on the Home page to begin the booking process. We promise to make your event a memorable one for your guests.

Our Mission:

Lucy Collage2

What started with a charity race, ended with a mission. Tips MUST make a difference!! Our tips, 100% of them (plus a little extra) are donated to children’s charities. With childlike ambition and enthusiasm we pour our tips into such charities as St Jude Children’s Research Hospital (our favorite), but when we are touched by others like our friend Lucy we put our Mission in overdrive. We do not ask ourselves, “Can we make a difference?” The question we ask ourselves is, “How can we do more?” Our fans are amazing and if not for them we would not have the opportunity to donate as much money as we do, so we THANK our generous and loyal customers!

Extra Cupcakes:

CocFpBlue-trans-300x97So on those days when we don’t completely sell out, what happens to the extra cupcakes? Next to our favorite children charities we love our really good friends at Circle of Concern Food Pantry, in Valley Park. Since we started in 2010 we have donated all our extra cupcakes to this awesome food pantry. They make us feel like rock stars each and every time we pay them a visit. Click here to make a donation.

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